Before you can open a trip you’ll need to have an active plan (On the Go, Day Pass or Subscription), and either a Physical KeyCard or a Virtual KeyCard linked to your smartphone.

If you have a Physical KeyCard: 

Just tap the KeyCard on the dock’s card reader/panel and the e-bike will be automatically released. This opens a trip which will stay open until  you dock the bike at any station at the end of your ride. 

If you have a Virtual KeyCard: 

Use your smartphone to release an e-bike – just open your mobile Ride On US app and tap on the Open Trip button. Follow the instructions of the Ride On US app. When an e-bike is released from the dock, your trip starts and it won't be closed until you dock the bike at a station at the end of your ride.

Just as a reminder, in both cases you can book an e-bike or a dock in advance to ensure availability once you arrive at the station.